• Reliable Retirement Income Modeler

    Distribution Planning - developed by an advisor for the advisor


Reliable Retirement Income Modeler (RRiM)

A retirement distribution modeling tool like you've never seen!

RRiM is a point of sale based system with an educational approach to distribution planning - developed by an advisor for the advisor. Gone are the days of spending 45 minutes entering data to get a result - RRiM will help you get the answer in less than 3 minutes! The program allows you to quickly and easily demonstrate the value of any annuity product and it's role in the client's plan. The program uses a unique sequence of return engine to help clients visualize and internalize the impact of sequential returns in accumulation versus distribution. Referred to as "the financial adviser's swiss army knife", RRiM has the capability of modeling all types of income products: Single Premium Immediate Annuities, Deferred Income Annuities, Variable and Fixed Indexed Annuities with Living Benefits.

Costs only $4.99 + 6.25% MA sales tax ($5.30) for the first month, and $49.99 + 6.25% MA sales tax ($53.11) every month thereafter - cancel at anytime.

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